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Choosing The Healthy Way - Health, Food, Exercise, Stress Control, Disease

Glad you're here! Our purpose is be helpful to you in selecting the best in healthy lifestyles. We cover health, food, exercise, stress control and disease. Why disease? Because to live a truly healthy life you need to be able to identify when your body is under attack and not performing at it's desired ideal level. So starting with a basic rationale for the healthy way, join us in the quest for a healthy and happy life.

It’s so easy to neglect our health by doing whatever we damn well please without any regard to whether it’s doing our bodies any good or if its doing the exact opposite. Many just throw their hands up in the air and exclaim “pff, life is too short!” while munching on a bag of potato chips, a dozen donuts, downing a liter of soda in front of the TV. If this is the way you live your life, you’re right: life will indeed be short.

The perks of being in a fast-paced, convenience and technology-driven world can ultimately take its toll on our health. Many start young: instead of playing outdoors and getting much needed exercise, kids spend their time playing video games or glued to the TV. Healthy lunches have been replaced by fast food and hearty dinners have been replaced by microwave dinners. Adults spend all their working hours in front of the computer—even their break time meal can be delivered via the internet. With all the convenience surrounding us, it’s easy to fall into the pit of laziness and bad diet.

If you want to live longer and lead a more productive life, you should start choosing the healthy way. The earlier you start, the earlier you are investing in your future. Just think about it: would you rather spend your future with the same zest as you had in your youth rather than ailing from one sickness or another? What you put into your body and how you spend your days today will determine what the outcome is in your old age.

You are what you eat. Your health will be determined by what you put into your body, so start shifting to a healthier diet before diseases get to you. Skip the junk food, sugary sweets, artificial drinks, and high-cholesterol foods—or at the very least, take them in moderation. Go natural and pile up on the fruits and vegetables, and ensure that you are taking a well-rounded and balanced diet. Start reading nutritional information, and do research about the best foods that are out there available for you: some of these foods include salmon, broccoli, spinach, lemon– foods that are available right at your fingertips. Educate yourself and you would be surprised at the motivation to eat healthy that knowledge can bring. You’d also be surprised at how little effort it takes to eat healthy.

It’s also never too late to start living an active life. Get off the couch and exercise! Exercise can benefit your body in so many ways, keeping it youthful, strong, flexible, and of course, healthy. Did you know that exercise can help prevent many diseases including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and stroke? Exercise doesn’t have to be spent in a gym. Exercise can be done at home and at your own time. Play in the yard with your children, jump rope, jog, walk briskly or cut the grass and grow vegetables—the options are endless. Take up a hobby that you’ve neglected to pursue like wall-climbing, swimming or hiking—this will do you well psychologically too. Exercise releases endorphins in the body that give us a sense of well-being.

By combining a good diet and active lifestyle, you will soon see the pounds melt off as well. If you are one of the many overweight people in America, start thinking about your health and begin shedding the pounds. Obesity is a risk factor in many diseases and remember that prevention is always better than cure. A slender person will not always be healthy, but being overweight never does the body any good.

Lastly, start choosing the healthy way by taking regular trips to your health care provider. Yearly checkups are advisable so that you’ll know the state of health you’re in. if a doctor gives you a clean bill of health, maintain it. If a doctor diagnoses the beginnings of a disease, catching it in time will make it so much easier to treat.

Choosing the healthy way is choosing a better quality of life. Developing a healthy routine means that it will eventually become a healthy habit. 

These pages will help in that endeavor. You can use this site as a vade mecum for healthy living. We are anxious that the content is fully useful to you and welcome your input  suggesting fresh content or other thoughts you feel can be of use to others. Make this web experience a rich and rewarding one. Write us at the address shown in the 'About Us' page.